4th Dose Effectiveness Of Pfizer Drops T ...

4th Dose Effectiveness Of Pfizer Drops To 22% At 2 Months | Suicide Attempts Up 90%

Jun 06, 2022


This video will cover 2 important new topics:

  1. A new study posted in The British Medical Journal explained that Pfizer Covid vaccine effectiveness plummeted to 22% after only 2 months

  2. New Australian public health data revealed a nearly 90% increase in suicidal ideation and suicide attempts measured by public ambulance data

So, in this video we’ll go over both Pfizer vaccine effectiveness data, and mental health data previously mentioned. Also, we’ll go over some graphs and charts from my new Substack posts to help you understand all of this information easier. Please like and share this post

1st Substack post from this video :

4th Dose Effectiveness Of Pfizer Drops To 22% After Only 2 Months | Covid Cases Up 2,100,000% In Taiwan Despite High Mask Compliance | Risk Of Heart Attack Death Up 30% Since Covid

2nd Substack post from this video:

James Cintolo

New Study Shows Covid Vaccine Passports Failed To Reduce Death & Transmission | Despite New Zealand's Mandatory Mask Mandate Daily Deaths Are Skyrocketing | Suicide Attempts Up 90% Since Pandemic






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