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Podcast Ep. 30: Crafting Spreads with th ...

Podcast Ep. 30: Crafting Spreads with the Spread Machine by Kim Tsan - A Thorough Review

Nov 15, 2021


In this episode, I discuss crafting custom tarot and oracle spreads and share my experience using Kim Tsan’s Spread Machine Deck and her Change Expansion pack and Quest Expansion pack. I also share 5 custom spreads I created using the spread machine decks, and I walk you through each step of crafting custom spreads and share all the ways these cards could be used in your tarot practice.

I'll be posting 5 spreads I created for this episode here on Instagram, Pinterest and my blog on my website healingthrutarot.com - On Pinterest these spreads are under The Healing Thru Tarot Custom Spreads board.

If you throw any of these spreads for yourself, I would love to see the photos. Tag me in your post on Instagram using @healingthrutarot

Happy card slinging!

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