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Ep. 33: Ep. 33 Shadow Work Pt. 1: Diving ...

Ep. 33: Ep. 33 Shadow Work Pt. 1: Diving Into The Shadow + Review of The Deviant Moon Taro

Mar 14, 2022


This is the first shadow work podcast episode in a 3 part podcast mini-series. I’ve created several tarot spreads and exercises for us to use along the way to help guide us through this self-discovery process. And in each episode of the miniseries, I’ll also share some tarot decks that are great for working in the dark while exploring our hidden shadow aspects. This miniseries will cover what shadow work is, how to prepare, how to start, identifying triggers, how to neutralize triggers, and how to integrate our shadow aspects into a whole, authentic version of ourselves. In this episode I cover how to start this process and share spreads on determining if you should tackle shadow work at this time and a spread called Diving into the Shadow. Come join us for this deep dive into the darkness to explore our shadow selves.

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