Ya'll I got off that phone and said "Tha ...

Ya'll I got off that phone and said "Thank you Jesus."

May 06, 2021

Ya'll I got off that phone with my supervisor and said "Thank you Jesus." I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath and then got up and went out to speak with my staff.

I will neer forget the feeling. If you have ever seen a Spike Lee movie you will know what I mean. It is a part in all of his movies where he have people floating while walking. But they are actually on some type of runners or rollers. Yup, I was walking like a character in a Spike Lee movie.

It was like I was floating as I felt so light as the weight of the stress of working was immediatly lifted off of me.

And in just 24 hours I would be FREE of this stress. So anyway, I have this smile on my face when I walked up to the ladies. They did not know what was going on. But they did know that lots of emails and alls were coming in as the pandemic had just made it's way to Kent County and changes were happening at work daily if not hourly.

So why was I smiling? They were about to find out. So I told them that I finally got the call and that I would be laid off tomorrow whcih was on a Friday. My staff had this look like... they had seen a ghost. Their eyes were wide and their mouths dropped.

I laughed like really ya'll. I said that I told you guys that this was coming and that I would be the first to be laid off becuase I was not an essential worker who worked directly with clients.

So I laughed and assured them that I was okay and that I was soooo freakin excited that I did not have to go through all the daily and hourly changes that were happening with this pandemic. I did tell them that I will miss them but not the work and I really meant this.

I had supervised at least two of the ladies or the 9 years that I was there.

So after they finished being shocked I think they immediatly when into survival mode as it hit them with who is going to be responsible for all my duties.

So, they began to look at each other as the reality sank in.

Hope you enjoyed this part of my pandemic story. Please leave a cup of coffee on the way out if you enjoyed it. Until then...

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