Did he say my layoff off starts tomorrow ...

Did he say my layoff off starts tomorrow?

May 06, 2021

He said... "So sorry to tell you this but your position is one that we have to place on hold and lay you off starting tomorrow."

I think my supervisor expected a gasp or some type of shocked response when he called the share the news with me that I was being laid off the next day whcih was Friday.

Ya'll have no idea how I wanted to jump off that phone and do a dance in my office. However I composed myself and said "You know I knew this was coming as other sites were closing and they were condensing services."

I told my supervisor that I was okay with this as I had already told my staff that I would be the first to be laid off as our clinical staff was oving to telehealth/remote services.

As my supervisor was still talking I was already boxing up my office in my head and thinking of what files I had to clean out. Oh and thinking about ALL the stress that I no longer had to deal with that came with managing a site and the supervising women with all their different personalities.

A little seret about me is that I never packed a bunch of stuff to any place I have worked as I never wanted to get comfortable. And when they day finally came to leave I never had to pack a lot of shit out.

So back to that call... I heard a bit of what was said after my supervisor said that my layoff would be the next day. But after that he sound like Charlie Brown speak. Ya'll I got off that phone and put my head up and said "Thank you Jesus."

Hope you enjoyed this part of my pandemic story. Please leave a cup of coffee on the way out if you enjoyed it. Until then...

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