New! Lily58 R2G Mechanical Keyboard

New! Lily58 R2G Mechanical Keyboard

Mar 03, 2024

Last year I was looking through the shop at Mechboards and saw that they had a number of Lily58 R2G (ready to go) kits available. These are kits that have all of the soldering done and are pretty much complete, they just need some switches, keycaps and assembly.

My trusty Keychron K2 has been my daily driver for about 3 years now, so I was looking for something a bit different to type on. I have found that if I try to swap to a keyboard that is similar to the K2 I end up hitting the wrong keys.

The different layout of the Lily58 meant that I wouldn't make mistakes hitting the wrong keys when the keyboard was so similar. I knew I would need to learn a different typing style, but that shouldn't take me too long.

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