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Dec 31, 2022

2022 was a year of heartbreak, discovery and survival for me. Here's an overview of what I went through and my goals for 2023.

  • In March, I got diagnosed with autism which answered so many questions.

  • I bought a gaming PC, and Valorant became my special interest and escape.

  • I became friends with Emily again; we spent a few years on and off (from 2018) because we both had issues and never clicked. But, this year, we have grown as individuals. It's so positive and different now.

  • I started tweeting more about autism and somehow grew a community!

  • I started a blog about my autism (yes, this one)!

  • I got dumped in November and still processing that

  • I started working again due to being dumped and wanting to move out of my household.

  • Began a Twitch channel, a Discord server for Autistic people, and safe spaces.

  • Learnt SO much about autism, mostly from other autistic Twitter accounts, and understand why I am the way I am.

  • Found like-minded autistic people and felt less alone in myself.


I want to be interviewed or speak about autism professionally, leave my household, and have my dedicated workroom. Of course, therapy would also be great.

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