New Website []

New Website []

Apr 16, 2024

Please Note: This post was edited to correct minor mistakes. Click here for the Original Post <3

I have rolled out the homepage of my website!
This website is mostly a landing page, however as I complete more projects, such as OpenNP6, I will host those there!

Buying me a Latte directly supports me and my work. Your payment is secured by Stripe, so you don't need to worry about your privacy. I would really appreciate it if you bought me a coffee at anytime as it gives me more time to focus on my projects rather than working for others!

This week, I hope to roll out a bunch of news about LatteCraft: Events, including the Discord Server, and first two charity events information. The second event will hopefully be a custom gamemode.
I'm still looking for help, so fill out the form if you want to get involved with anything LC:E!

I will probably do another post this week with all the LatteCraft updates as soon as I confirm a few things, so stay tuned for that, in fact you could just follow me.

Thanks for reading,

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