Applying for work [LinkedIn Rant]

Applying for work [LinkedIn Rant]

Mar 19, 2024

Last week I applied for a job. Like an actual, corporate career. Still within the IT space, and apparently will support me continuing my studies (but we will see about that). I won't hear back until next month, but I'm still excited. Would be kinda cool to not work shiftwork anymore...

It's within the company I work for already, just at the corporate level, which is pretty cool that these opportunities arise. I know you hear about them all the time but it's trhe firstr I've seen...

This got me thinking about LinkedIn, something I have tried to get excited about a couple of times, but never really understood the appeal. I was sitting on the bus today coming home from campus, surrounded by BCom students when they started talking about their LinkedIns and their connections (500+!). Naturally, they were on their way to a internship seminar with one of the 'big 4', as a BSc student, this means nothing to me, however they were excited, so good luck to them. I've never seen people trade linkedins as if it was their IG or phone number, however if I do get a proper corporate girly job, then maybe I need to up my LinkedIn game. Anyway, all I really want to know is who the who pays $85/m for LinkedIn premium?! Apparently, BCom students.

I'm still looking for streamers & helpers for LatteCraft: Events, so reach out if you want to get involved (more news next week).
I have two midterms this week, so will hardly be online. Keep safe and be amazing.

CJ <3

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