Why Get Personal?

Why Get Personal?

Jan 08, 2021

"I'm just writing an informational piece, why should I include anything personal?"

Including a personal story, or even just a personal reference of example, can be the make-or-break factor in hooking your audience. Here's why.

1. It makes your message unique.

Your reader can get their “3 Ways” and “7 Hacks” from any number of writers, so why do they want it from you?? Because they connect with your unique spin on things. Your voice, and your perspective. When I managed a gas station years ago, the owners told me that our customers could get gas and beer and coffee at any gas station; what mattered was the experience they got at our location, not what we sold. It’s the same with your article: by getting personal and connecting with your reader, you are giving them an experience.

2. It helps them trust you.

You’ve been there, and you’re telling them how you learned this information. It gives you solid ground on which to base your message.

3. They can relate to you. 

When you describe what you’ve been through, the reader draws connections to what they themselves have been through. They see themselves in you. They see how your message pertains to them.

4. It creates an emotional connection.

Even for those who cannot directly relate, by offering your personal story you are getting your reader emotionally invested. Think about movies like Titanic and Pearl Harbor. What was the difference between reading about these events in a history book, and watching the films? We developed an emotional attachment to the characters, and that made it more real, more moving. 

The same goes with your writing: your readers will get attached to you, they’ll like you, they’ll follow you, and they’ll want more from you!

Pay attention to the guidelines of your selected platform.

Some will prefer you keep out any reference to "I/me," but if they don't have that stipulation then dig in and get personal!

This could be anything from a short "For example, this is how I managed to do xyz," to having it be the bulk of your blog or article as a way to illustrate and support your message. However you choose to implement it, be authentic. How else will your audience be able to truly love you?


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