The Sounds and Songs of a Scott in Scotl ...

The Sounds and Songs of a Scott in Scotland

May 03, 2022

My middle name is Scott. Earlier this year I took my Ancestry DNA test and learned that I'm descended from a gaggle of violent Scottish border reivers that terrorized the border between England and Scotland back in the 17th century, until they were cast out of the area to Ireland, and then on to Ontario in the 19th century. There's even the story of a so many greats grandfather of mine named Kinmont Willie that was imprisoned in Carlisle Castle until my family stormed the main gate one night and set him free, never to be heard from again.

I had the opportunity to bring the bloodline back to Carlisle Castle last month as part of a film I'm working on in the UK, and the tour guide was nice enough to show me the side door where it's believed he broke out of. I had to take a pic and pay homage to the generations of energetic anger I know so well.

The great news is that I'll be flying part of Kinmont Willie's bloodline back to Scotland this summer because some music and words that I wrote have been selected to be a part of the 75th Edinburgh Festival Fringe! I'm beyond excited, and I can't wait to see all the great theater and art that will be showcased and meet new friends and collaborators in the process.

Maybe I'll even make a visit to Carlisle Castle and stay a little longer this time.

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