Welcome to Haddie's Haven!

Welcome to Haddie's Haven!

Feb 10, 2023

Welcome to my page! If you have been a follower for a few years, you already know me. But for those of you who don't, I'm Esther Hadassah, the creator and sole-contributor to the Haddie's Haven blog. I am also an author and a book cover designer, but that's another topic. This post is to introduce myself and tell you about this page's goal.

I created this page to have another way for followers to offer support for my bookish passion. This is purely voluntary, no strings attached. Anything received on this page goes directly to the betterment and upgrades to my blog brand. This includes the items on my wishlist. At this time, what I really want is the new Kindle Scribe eReader from Amazon (and yes, the monetary goal on this item covers the item price, shipping and tax).

At this time, the only Extras offered on this page are for authors seeking promotional exposure for their books (book reviews, ad space on my blog-platforms). I am going to open a book club in the future which will be membership-based and the payments received through that membership will go to helping members purchase the book of the month. I will have a full post explaining the details at a later time.

Finally, all posts on this page are available to the public, both here and on my original blog platform, with the exception of posts related to the book club membership, when that is up and running. I do have plans for some other tiers, but at this time the only planned tier is the book club.

If you wish to get in touch about anything related to book reviews or perhaps you have questions, you can message me on thru my page, or thru any of my other channels, which you can find HERE. Thank you for dropping by. If you have a BMAC account (which is totally free to sign-up), don't forget to follow this page! Not only would you be notified when I have new updates on the book club tier, and any other extras.

Stay safe, stay awesome. See you in the funny papers!

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