Nazis and your new life as a disabled pe ...

Nazis and your new life as a disabled person

Jul 24, 2022

So first things first- get comfortable with the idea that there are people who want you dead because you don't exist right in their heads.

If this is your first time being told truthfully and earnestly that someone wants you to not exist because they think that their twisted utopia can't be manifest without killing you, take your time with this.

It's a lot to take in, I know.

You exist as a disabled person and that puts you squarely on the list of people that nazis think must be eliminated to bring about their idea of a perfect world. They no longer see you as a person whose continued existence is excusable.

Why am I going over this? Because apparently, the entire f***ing world forgot what the F Nazis are and what they want. We are also in the middle of a mass disabling event and if there's anyone they hate as much as the Jews, gays, POC, trans people, Degenerate artists, Roma, the Jehovah's Witnesses, clowns, etc. it would be the disabled. For many of the newly disabled the idea that Nazis think your death is necessary is going to be new. That's going to be a big adjustment to your worldview.

Coexistence with people who think they Need you to be dead is impossible.

So yeah, sit with that, make peace with it, get angry, and go through the rest of the emotional processing cycle.

That's it. That's the FYI post.

Now back to your regularly scheduled normal queer poly sex-positive disabled love and light ramblings.

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