The Howling Wolf (poster)

The Howling Wolf (poster)

Aug 30, 2021

I call this the howling wolf because of the large drop just off-center, it looks like a howling wolf at a waterfall. This was one of my very first "professional" pictures I've ever taken and also one of my favorite's generally speaking.

In all truth, the line of photography I'm in is mostly moment to moment situations. Unplanned. Random. The day I took this photo I was sitting outside while watering the plants. I was having a discussion with Mom about the camera I was using, a Pentax Optio WGII snapshot camera. In that moment I stood up, took this picture and showed it to her, and I'll be honest, it amazed me, this was unexpectedly good. It motivated me ever since to up my game in this field.

It took me another year or so before I noticed the howling wolf and the waterfall! This adds to the fact that some photography excels in unconscious design. I take this as a life lesson, having realized to plan everything is to lose the adventure. Plans rarely pan out, but the adventure is much more valuable then! So, when planning, leave extra room for the unexpected, it keeps you guessing...

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