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Poem: In This Dream I Had of Life

Poem: In This Dream I Had of Life

Mar 11, 2023

In this dream I had of life

from the cradle to the grave

I dreamt a world uncouth and rife

with makers and of the unmade

A visage of nomads and Bedouins bleak blazed in clay

carried along sandstone like fine silt spray

their sun-bleached brows told of man’s nature in sweat

their blood carried forth in stories old and pallid

In one such tale

under the desert sun parched voices sung

as distant breath was set ablaze upon

all this forgotten obelisk and stone

In another

beneath night torchlight languor lit away

teeth and bone chattered through faux frosts

as the waves were braved in search of home

An hourglass stretched on

along with crescent came creeping shadow

the caravansary was awash with music

promises of an oasis within reach but forever a mirage

At morn I walked with them

for hours our eternity never came

my silhouette under the evening sun an epitaph

I shed my skin for a whisper of fate scarce and ethereal

My reward came quietly

grey-stoned hearts danced silently in lamped streets

our voices grew plenty but their songs were no longer sung

every neighbor a stranger to his own

In this dream of life I had

from the cradle to the grave

in a world uncouth and rife

with makers and of the unmade

*I was reading about ancient civilizations and then had a very strange dream that I half remember. In it I saw vast cityscapes and crowds of people passing by. As I tried to focus on individuals from the crowd they became blurred and would walk past before I could discern much detail. What struck me is how quiet it was; there was no sound at all. No traffic, no voices, no footsteps – very eerie but strangely serene.

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