Who is Healing For?

Oct 04, 2022

Almost anyone could theoretically do it, but it’s not for everyone. People are too busy, dismissive, scared, maybe it doesn’t sound like fun. Healing requires openness and awareness that we aren’t perfect. It seems like a percentage of the population lives under the illusion that they are flawless; therefore, there is nothing to heal. 

If someone believes that reacting in a particular manner is justified by their present emotional state and doesn’t care about how they make others feel, these people are too distant from the self-awareness required for Healing. 

These are your narcissists. Their disorder was unfairly created through trauma, but it’s harder for people with a narcissistic personality disorder to heal because self-awareness is crucial, of which they have little.

Traumas commonly happen during childhood and youth or later (just because you are a sucker for punishment) from relationships with unhealed partners, where we tend to play out the roles we witnessed growing up

Severe emotional traumas can happen at any age and be caused by yourself during your own period of unconscious behaviour. 

My most incredible emotional trauma happened while on my own Healing Journey. I was punished severely for Speaking my Truth, and it was a process to heal those wounds because I was in a place where I assumed my wounds came from a long time ago. 

Sometimes, we need to heal the recent wounds before we are able to heal the ones from the early days.

Times of addiction can be very traumatic for us. The inability to process and forgive past mistakes can destroy our present existence. Understanding who we once were isn’t who we presently are is key, but healing is often needed to make sense of this.

Without the awareness that you are less than perfect, you will never heal. If you believe Time Heals all Wounds and that it is best to leave the past in the past, this isn’t for you.

Healing requires digging into the pain and traumas of the past to release oneself from the pain of the present. Our subconscious rules us, and if our history is filled with unhealed hurtful memories, our Present is bound to be a struggle. People who don’t deal with their past traumas tend to allow their emotions to control them and hurt everyone around them. 

Almost everyone in the world has experienced trauma. That’s a significantly big part of the Earth School we are in. Get hurt and heal the hurt. Most get hurt, then stay stretched because they don’t know they either don’t know they are damaged or aren’t aware healing the pain is an option.

Healing is for you if you are interested in experiencing a better life. If you know the path to that experience comes from inner work rather than waiting for the world to change around you, then you will succeed. 

Emotional Healing and Self Discovery require a level of selfishness. This has been programmed as a dirty word, but a period of selfishness is needed for you to grow, feel better and be better for your loved ones around you.

We all have emotional wounds, and they often stem from a childhood where our emotional needs weren’t met. Those wounds can be healed, and that can change our entire world. We deserve to be happy, peaceful and healthy and have fun!

The path to changing our outer world always comes from changing our Inner world.

When we talk about Healing to most people who have never heard of it, it will sound abstract and silly. Most can’t acknowledge childhood traumas can be healed as adults, because these aren’t tangible things, like a wound on our skin. 

If you feel you had a fantastic childhood, it is not an insult to your parents to say you require Healing. We can become wounded elsewhere, in groups and clubs, church and educational programming. The school system is traumatic for kids who don’t follow the educational model that the system uses,

Traumas aren’t always intentional, and good people can cause them unintentionally. This is common. 

Smart kids can feel stupid if they aren’t good at the current memorization and regurgitation through the testing model, which is the standard educational approach. This can be horribly traumatic to believe during the tail end of your developmental years that you are stupid because you don’t take standardized testing well.

It’s not your parent’s fault. They are a microcosm of the greater whole. It is as though this entire system is designed to traumatize us and keep us in fear. Our morals and values are so skewed that women constantly fear being assaulted or raped. Even without ever being sexually assaulted, that persistent (and understandable) fear is traumatic. 

We heal, so we put an end to this broken fear-based system. We all want it to change, so know the only change we can make is the opportunity to change ourselves. 

Then our children won’t be so broken. Then we won’t hurt others if something triggers. 

Emotional traumas can occur outside of the home, but that is primarily where it happens. Bad parents aren’t always bad people. They do deal with traumas, like their parents did before them.

It’s a generational thing, and in living unconsciously and not knowing what is normal or wrong, this is how traumas are passed down the line. Many people hold onto a deep-seated resentment over their parents and their childhood. As we heal, we see they knew no better and were still emotional children themselves trying to raise their own children. 

Our emotions are like a puzzle. Most of the world are emotional children and allow themselves to be controlled by their moods and emotions, oblivious that their pain is creating more pain for others. 

We heal to exist in this world consciously. Not running around doing everything because someone conditioned us to believe it is normal. All kinds of emotions are normal, but how you react to them determines if you are emotionally developed or not.

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