What is a Healing Journey?

Oct 04, 2022

“Get better, not bitter.”

“When things don’t feel good or quite right, but you believe it’s as good as it gets, that’s a good time to get your own head out of your own ass. It can get better. I guarantee it. You don’t know how. And just because you don’t know how, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.”

Every single second of the past, no matter how it felt, prepared me for who I am now, and I am exactly who I’ve always dreamed of being. I’m not angry, and I have no regrets. But if someone else holds anger and they have regrets, that sucks to be them.

This isn’t a laid-out, step-by-step Journey. I don’t tell you what to do or when to do it. This is about being aware the journey exists and an overall image of what it comprises. We are One, yes. But this is about YOUR healing and YOUR self. After you read this and sit with it, you will intuitively know what to do.

Thankfully, there are no more mistakes. You are done making those. Every misstep and mistake holds purpose and opportunity for self-learning and growth.

This is what some Emotional Wounds look like. Can you look back at your life and see what would have shaped these attributes? You weren’t born with any of this. It was created. The healing process is about uncreating it. You don’t deserve to feel anything less than great.

Fear of Abandonment

Attention Seeking







Quiet and No Confidence

Being aware of Healing requires us to be Awakened because this level of Self-Healing isn’t taught in the school classroom, in the media, or in pop culture. I understand why this isn’t understood by the masses. I’m sure in other civilizations, it was accepted as truth and seen as common sense, but we are currently in an ultimate historical state of sickness.

Emotional healing manifests physical and mental health improvements. That means fewer pills are needed. You can put together why this knowledge isn’t commonly known.

Healing doesn’t need to be seen as this abstract, esoteric, spiritual thing. But our emotional healing, if you mention it to most people, has been programmed to be seen as something woo-woo, when it is the very opposite.

We all have feelings. That is not a conspiracy. We all have emotions, and if those emotions are consistently uncomfortable, there are problems. If your base emotional responses are stress, fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration, jealousy and irritation, then you are wounded. Those wounds can be healed. You don’t have to feel that way, and you don’t need to take anything to suppress the pain.

We don’t deserve to feel like that. We can heal the wounds that create our inner hurt.

To begin the Journey of Emotional Healing and Self Discovery, our level of spiritual interest isn’t essential. All health bodies have a profound connection, but Spirituality doesn’t need to be the focus.

It’s about Self-Awareness, which isn’t a strength of our current civilization. People go through Spiritual Awakenings, but they are still full of ego and anger. Identifying as Spiritual doesn’t mean it’s all peace and joy or even self-aware.

Our beliefs can change, but that doesn’t mean our emotions and emotional development will immediately follow suit. Emotional development is a committed process, but belief can change overnight.

This Journey involves becoming a Student of Self. It’s about loving ourselves fully and completely and getting to the root cause of our Emotional Wounds and healing them.

It’s more intricate and layered than just Healing. It also involves getting reconnected with our Authentic Selves and loving our Selves because we deserve it. It’s about following the mission we were given before we landed here with absolute amnesia.

The name of that mission is: Remember who we once were and all of the gifts and glory that entails.

Once we have the intellectual ability to be aware that shit happened in our Past, and it’s still affecting our Present. It is going to continue to affect us in the foreseeable Future. This is the very first and the most beautiful step.

Without this awareness, most people continue with whatever pain suppression techniques they are comfortable with because they aren’t aware of any other options. Not everyone is going to be able to stop distracting themselves from the pain, but some would if they knew they had a choice.

If we believe we can heal, we can. We need to believe it before we can see it. That’s how it works every single time, not the other way around like most say and hear.

If we believe who we currently are is who we are destined to be, that’s where we shall remain, stuck and miserable. Those survival mode emotions that we’ve always known (often for generations) aren’t how we are designed to feel.

If we can’t believe exponential growth and transformation are possible, this isn’t. Healing Journey isn’t for us. Not yet. Belief is a requirement for any kind of progress.

Not everyone in this place is going to heal in this lifetime. That’s not how this game is designed.

Healing is a choice that requires awareness. So many are walking wounded and believing they’re flawless. They see it as normal when they hurt other people through projecting their own pain. Of course, this isn’t conscious behaviour. They literally don’t know what they’re doing.

Always be mindful of that demographic that labels everything they don’t understand, don’t want to understand, or can’t understand as crazy. This isn’t a book for those people. They must first be aware that consequences exist for their actions. But I have people waking up quickly and with an open mind; once drawn shut, there is hope for people who insist on staying asleep in an awakening world.

This Guidebook is for people who want to heal but are unsure of how to get started and how to navigate the process. It can be a confusing journey, but it doesn’t need to be.

Emotional Healing and Self Discovery aren’t something new or secretive. This process has been talked about for generations; what’s different now is that we seem to be taking on more Emotional Wounding due to the level of traumas the generation before experienced.

Those who choose to Heal want others to heal. They wish to see everyone they’ve ever loved the experience the attainable bliss of releasing stored trauma.

We live in an unhealed world, where those actively healing and the healed are relatively few. If someone gave you this book, this is the ultimate sign of their love. This is someone who wants you to have the gift of feeling perpetually well.

This process is only for the brave. If you are a coward and do everything you can to suppress pain rather than face it, this will never work for you.

This involves digging into the past and deciding why your current emotional state involves so many uncomfortable feelings the way it currently is. Commonly it stems from emotional traumas that created emotional wounds. The healing process is all about healing those wounds. This is what is referred to as “doing the work.”

This is heavy shit. But if you have the awareness that you can heal, and you choose not to, then you are destined to live this life as it always has been. To me, that’s the greatest pain of all. Knowing that you could be something great, but instead chose to shy away from it because of the potential pain Healing brings you. Healing is fucking hard.

If you are aware of your wounds, they can be healed. We heal our emotional bodies; it's nothing like entrusting our physical and mental bodies to the established state-run healthcare system.

Everyone is aware of their feet because they see them and stand on them every day. The emotional body is unseen. Its feelings are felt, but only by us. It’s not measurable or consistent responses.

Emotional Healing and Self Discovery is an abstract meaningless process to the bulk of the world. Many can't wrap their minds around the Truth that we have multiple bodies. They see the physical body, and we let doctors heal that body.

To entrust ourselves to heal ourselves is usually met with mistrust and is mostly misunderstood. Watch the reaction when you tell some we have the ability to heal our own bodies, even the physical. Despite the endless evidence to support it, including the well-known placebo phenomenon, most people don’t believe they have the ability to heal themselves in any way, shape or form.

But we can. Once we are able to believe something, it can happen.

When it comes to Healing our emotional injuries, the world isn’t aware of this process, mostly because they don’t understand their emotional health, how it was shaped and how it impacts all other bodies of health.

To experience whole-body peace involves a balanced state in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Many focus on their physical health, but a perfectly healthy physical body isn’t a guarantee for peace and balance.

We need to be mindful of our invisible bodies.

Why don’t people know about their emotional health when they are experiencing emotions all of the time?

Maybe it’s because human behaviour is so typical, and most people never consider change as long as they are part of the pack, just like everyone else. They are stressed, angry, fearful, sad, depressed, frustrated, irritable, anxious, addicted, lonely, and mentally ill. These are normal states. So many are moody and allow their low vibrational moods to become reactive states. This is where people feel justified in treating other humans based on their own personal emotional state.

Also known as, I don’t like or respect or understand you, so I can treat you according to my current emotional state. I’m feeling shitty, so I’m going to treat you shitty.

Also known as, “I’m in a bad mood, everyone around me will suffer.” Many grew up in homes with emotionally undeveloped parents who believed they were the boss. When they were feeling anything less than an ideal state, the entire household deserved to feel the same way.

Unfortunately, this is normal, and a big percentage of the population is emotionally unevolved and isn’t aware of this. This undeveloped state creates fragile egos, where people believe they are perfect, and if someone suggests they are anything less, they will be upset. They won’t understand it, but when someone with a fragile ego is told they are anything less than perfect, they don’t react well.

When someone does become aware that their undesirable emotional states can be healed, instead of constantly suppressing their pain, or avoiding how they feel through distraction, then they don’t know what to do because they aren’t aware of the emotional healing process.

This is why we live in an unhealed world. The healing process is seemingly taboo and woo-woo because even if people are aware of it, they have been programmed to believe all healing comes from without others.

They aren’t aware of the developmental years, which occur during the first seven when we exist in a dream-like, theta brainwave state. This is the hypnotic state where we are programmed. Our personalities are shaped during these initial years.

So the environment, and energy a child is surrounded by during those formative years, can dominate their future emotional state. Emotional wounds are created through traumas, either one-time events or typically over long periods, while emotional needs are met.

To heal, you must be aware of

-you emotions

-your emotional state or level of health

-your emotional wounds

-the emotional healing process

-your life will change as you heal

-you will change who you are.

-you can transfer from hell to heaven as soon as you are ready to get to work.

I’ve never met you, and I love you. This is a side effect of healing and becoming authentic. You learn to love and accept all parts of yourself. This brings you back to the place of Knowing we are all one and intend to unite. Instead, they pull us apart. Reunite within pm and watch your outer reality take shape the same.

I hope you take this yourneybwith me and the millions of others who are waking up and understanding we deserve to feel good. We have paid for our crimes, and we will heal, and then we’ll live a life of celebration.

I knew nothing of healing, and I can’t put into words how much pain I was in for so many years. I don’t know if it was possible to feel the peace and joy and present as I do now.

Shadow work and getting to know myself changed my life. It will change yours if you let it. If this isn’t the time, I’m sure a seed has been planted. You don’t deserve to pay for crimes you did not commit or mistakes you made when you were a different person.

Reach out if you need a hand. It’s about Self Discovery, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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