Awareness You Can Heal is the First Step

Awareness You Can Heal is the First Step

Oct 04, 2022

It’s hard to heal a wound if you aren’t aware it exists. You can’t begin a Healing Journey until you know healing is needed.

I would describe the majority of the population as unconscious. They are on autopilot and unaware of how they are reactive to whatever emotion arises. This is childlike. This isn’t normal. It’s common, but that doesn’t mean it's normal

So unconscious living is the lack of awareness around the existence of emotional wounds, and the ability to heal the pain from the past. It’s a lack of understanding of the world within. It can lead to a closed-circuit perception of the larger world around them. 

If someone’s primary mission in life is the accumulation of financial wealth, they likely aren’t aware of the great beyond money. They were successfully programmed that the highest endeavour is the pursuit of money. 

Those who break through this belief have a chance to experience joy. 

Conscious living involves intentional awareness. You know how you feel and know it serves a purpose, but it’s not one of constant reaction. Awareness of self, along with an awareness of a connected unity, is when things slide into place. 

We need to see each other as extensions of self rather than competition. 

To use myself as an example, I was anxious, depressed, without confidence, a people pleaser, poor at setting boundaries and battled addictions continually. 

Every year of life was worse than the one before it. I believed that it was normal. I was blind to the connection between my poor mental health and persistent pain from childhood. I considered myself awake and educated, but I wasn’t aware of the root cause of my suffering.

Like most people, I wasn’t aware that Healing from my traumas was an option.

My healing began with the awareness of my inner child and that my subconscious was holding memories and pain still affecting me. Without this awareness, I would likely be dead. 

It’s self-awareness, and this is something few seem to have. Most people aren’t aware of how much pain they are in. They aren’t aware of how much the past pain is shaping their every day. 

To heal is to be aware of what’s going on emotionally. This is commonly identified through triggers. We see what triggered us, or made our emotions shift into something uncomfortable or unpleasant or even fucking painful.

Awareness of the definitions of words can be skewed too. The word Trauma is misunderstood. I had heard the term childhood trauma but believed I had none because, to me, trauma was rape or being severally beaten. Knowing now the extent of my traumas, it’s mind-blowing to think I once believed I had none.

Then I learned most traumas are caused over long periods of time. And traumas can stem from things not done, like giving affection, as much as things that were done. 

I wasn’t aware we could have abandonment wounds even though we had dinner with our parents every evening. Emotionally abandoned and physically abandoned were both very detrimental. I wasn’t aware of this. 

Once I became educated and aware, I was able to heal. The awareness of emotional health needs to be taught and universally understood.

People are modest. They say, “I didn’t have it that bad.” Or “others had it worse.” That may be true, but it doesn’t dismiss our own hurts. We disrespect ourselves by thinking the level of trauma we experienced is put worthy of attention and healing, 

Then we figure out why. What subconscious wound triggered this painful emotional response? Now we sit with it, journal and go within; what emotional trauma created this subconscious emotional reaction?

What did we learn? Forgive who and or what caused the trauma, then release. This will happen when you are ready. You will feel it come up, and it will release through tears.

Be aware timing is always Divine. Everything is happening at the exact time it is supposed to. I say this because it’s common to feel like we wish we would have done the work sooner. Or we wish we could release the stored trauma right away. 

Be gentle with yourself. 

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