Blues Shuffle in A | Solo + Tab + Jam Tr ...

Blues Shuffle in A | Solo + Tab + Jam Track (ES-335)

Jan 31, 2021

Here's some more guitar inspiration for you all, a new blues shuffle video in the key of A. Enjoy!

A real bag of blues licks here, with some inspiration from players like Eric Clapton, BB King, Matt Schofield, Josh Smith, and other heroes of mine. This blues shuffle guitar solo is played on a Gibson ES 335 over parts A & B of the backing track (see below). Part A is a basic 12-bar blues in A, where part B ('the chorus') is an 8-bar vamp that starts from the IV chord (D7). In the B-section, the B3 Hammond organ enters for a fuller, sound and the bass starts 'walking' in the groove. I love playing over shuffles with 'real-life' musicians, so I spend quite some time on the drums & bass to create a natural shuffle groove. Part C is a break, where drums & bass play a little softer, and the harmony stays on the I-chord (A7) twice as long. Enjoy these blues guitar licks!

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