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V.I.P - A Real Money 💰 Portfolio - ACCE ...

V.I.P - A Real Money 💰 Portfolio - ACCESS NOW!

Apr 13, 2021

The hallmark of good stock buying process is to identify fundamentally strong companies, in terms of growing sales and earnings.  

There are a ton of articles, resources, some free and many paid services that doesn’t necessarily cater to the likes of busy working professionals like us. We want to participate in stock market investing in order to GrowWealth. But how?

There isn’t a short cut to learning about your own individual financial goals, risk tolerance and investing style. Each of us has to do our own due diligence before you invest your money in something. 

I have been investing in stock market well over a decade now. Initially in an emerging market equities, then UK and now primarily US stock market. I manage various accounts for my household. I have gone through the ups and downs in the market since becoming serious about investing in 2012; I have learned and matured my investing approach over the years and is evolving always. I have done tons of reading (still do) on stock analysis and personal analysis of my investing psychology. 

I use multiple strategy to find my investing picks and also have different strategy for trading them for swing trades. A lot of my friends & colleagues (UK linked health professionals) showed interest in building skills to achieve financial freedom in their life. This led to me creating a free social network group of like minded individuals. Many wanted to share my watchlist, get some insights on stock selection and stock analysis. This led to my GrowWealth service, a Freemium model service on investing and trading. 

Despite all this, there remained an unmet need for people to learn from observing how a portfolio is built ground up. An opportunity to look over my shoulders to see how I ‘actually’ invest my own money, to get an idea of what do I invest in and why, and when do I sell them and why and so on. There were many requests for a more guided approach towards their investment. 

Realistically, no one can tell you which stock will be right for you, how long you should stay invested in stock or how much money to invest in etc. It is your money, you will have to do some work yourself. There is no free lunch. If you don’t want to do that work, you can give your money to various companies, investment houses who does it for you but for a considerable fee for a mediocre return. Most people will settle for mediocrity.

I don’t want mediocrity. I want excellence. I want market beating performance compounded over many years. That’s how big money is made. 

Many wanted to follow my strategy, access to what I invest in and a simplified way to learn by observing it. So, to meet that demand I am creating a ‘Real Money Portfolio’ that others can access, see what I invest in and can follow my strategy. Individually you have to make your own decisions when buying and selling a stock, but my strategy is something you could learn and follow if you wish.

This portfolio applies many Valuable Investing Philosophies that I’ve learned and adopted our the years. This is V.I.P - A Real Money Portfolio. 

V.I.P portfolio is aimed at showing that it is possible to beat the 

 (1) Mediocre performance that you get from giving your hard earned money to someone else to invest on your behalf, where they get richer and your returns lag behind. 

(2) Average performance of overall broader market index funds. 

Broader market returns about 8-10% on average over a long period of time. 

V.I.P portfolio strongly believes that by following a methodical approach with disciplined execution of trades, it is quite possible to have market beating performance and even possibly achieve 20%+ annualised return over long periods. 

V.I.P portfolio service will let you access:

  • The dealings of the real money portfolio,

  • Gives you access to observe,

  • Get notifications to what is being bought and why,

  • What is being sold and why and

  • How the portfolio grows over time.

  • You could gain insight into its trades, learn and build their own portfolio from this strategy, experience and exposure.

In one of the accounts I manage for my household, with only a little effort I have achieved an XIRR of 19.47% annualised since it’s inception seven years ago. I have proven to myself that such a market beating performance is possible over many years. 

Now V.I.P portfolio aims to better that performance. The main difference is, you get to see them as it is built. You get to benefit from my strategy and in anyway as you like from its notifications of trades along with its reasons and how a risk defined and risk managed approach limits the downside from stop loss but gradually builds the winners and grows the portfolio value overtime. 

What it isn’t:

  • An agenda-based narratives

  • Advisory service without any skin in the game

  • Frequent day/swing trading 

  • Get rich quick scheme

  • Pump & dump scheme

  • Doesn't manage you money on your behalf

  • Will not throw out trades for the sake of it unless criteria met.

What it is:

  • A Real Money Portfolio 

  • I put my money where my mouth is

  • Investing philosophy and not a trading philosophy. 

  • Follows a methodical approach to stock selections and have a risk defined entry 

  • Gives notifications when a trade is entered and exited with rationale behind it - hugely educational in value. 

  • Covers broader area - Stocks from US, UK, Euro Zone and also Cryptocurrencies.

  • The strategy to trade certain cryptocurrency has been back tested and this will be shared with you along with trade entry and exit signals when the VIP portfolio adjust its positions.

Fee for investing resources:

Any advisory service where stock watchlist are shared without the analysts having skin in the game is being marketed for anywhere between $45 to $999 per year. 

Some of the Real Money Portfolio services I have come across charges in the range of $1999 to $4999+ !!!

For the return and value that some of these services offer, I think those charges are extortionate and totally unjustified. 

I believe it is very much possible to have a Real Money Portfolio which follows a methodical approach to have a market beating performance at much more affordable cost. This allows most people to benefit from it. There is absolutely no reason to charge extortion amount of money that keeps people away from benefiting from this service. 

Considering all of the above, what would you be willing to pay to invest in yourself to have access to this V.I.P portfolio?

I don’t know about you, but I intend to keep it to a bare minimum cost. The focus of this service is building the portfolio up not the cost of the service. 

If you would like to hop on board and gain access to this V.I.P - A Real Money Portfolio, you can do so via our 'V.I.P a real money portfolio access' membership, for just £30 a month. 

Annual membership will give you additional bonus of exclusive one off FREE 1:1 mentoring session.

You get exclusive access to the the timely notifications of the strategy and trades.

To realise the vision of this portfolio that is built from scratch ground up, you must be prepared to grow with the service and realise the full potential by staying with it for long term. This lets you have the best opportunity to see how you can compound your portfolio return, how the picks work with market conditions etc. You can grow your own portfolio, follow this strategy and learn from having this access. 

Welcome Aboard. 

Happy Learning and Successful Investing 👍

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This material is intended for educational purposes only, and is not recommendations to buy or sell any financial instruments or products. Do your own due diligence and make your own decision. The value of your investments can rise as well as fall. Capital is at risk when investing in any financial products. You could get back less than you invested. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

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