The Epikast and New Membership Tiers

The Epikast and New Membership Tiers

Jul 20, 2022

The Epikast is joining the network's line of shows officially! We've had it lined up for a long time, and production has been working hard for over half the year on getting the show up and running but fear not! The time has finally come.

We present to you: The Epikast!

The Epikast seeks to tell stories of epic proportion (literally) using the mythic rules of the world's most common roleplaying game. The show is a serialized anthology, with a new cast of players and characters each season. Episodes will be releasing every other week starting on August 3rd, and if you haven't heard the trailer yet, you can listen to it here!

With this comes two new membership tiers. The first tier is our Devotee tier, also known as our sticker tier. With this tier we will send you custom stickers at the end of each season, based upon that season. Our leftover stock of stickers will go up in our store, and members at this level will get a fifty percent discount on all stickers from previous seasons! The second tier is the Acolyte tier, which will grant access to GM notes. This means you will get access to this season's module (once the season is finished airing, of course) as well as access to the Kiinos World Guide, the player's guides for each season, and the Fate Pool rules.

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