about me!

Jul 15, 2023

hello! thank you for stopping by:) i am a multi-faceted musician and beginner producer hoping to share my original music with the world. i've been writing music since i was a teenager and now i'm finally using all the skills i've gained over the last several years to produce them. as a queer artist, i'm really passionate about queer representation in all kinds of media. on my instagram and tiktok i share videos where i show my creative process. making music and sharing content takes a long time, so caffeine definitely keeps me going. my go-to coffee order is a caramel latte or a white chocolate mocha. i appreciate any and all support, whether that be a coffee donation or a follow on any of my socials! i also have a youtube which i'm hoping to start making more videos on soon. please subscribe there as well! here are some pictures of my face!

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