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Greetings All!

Greetings All!

Feb 02, 2021

Hi there and thanks for visiting. I write the Got A Ukulele website (and am the ugly mug that appears in the videos on the Got A Ukulele YouTube channel). It's possibly the largest independent ukulele review database online. What do I mean by independent? Well it means I am not financially tied to any ukulele brand or store.

And for that reason I have to monetise the site in some small way. Some reviewers charge brands for reviews (either cash or payment in kind), but I think it is impossible to impartially review an instrument if that is the deal. So I don't do it. (People think I live in a house with 300 ukes in it - I don't - they get sent back!).

But in order to keep reviews coming (as I choose to review both loaned instruments AND bought instruments to keep brands on their toes) takes funds. This is where the generous donations from readers / viewers really helps (I can't justify it on my day job salary alone!).

So donations go to get hold of stuff for review. Then what happens to it? Well some are sold on in order to get something else for review and some are donated direct to charity raffles at uke events. If the instrument is of a value that the hassle factor of selling it (to get more for the site to review) is too low, then it gets given to charity shop / local school. Either way - they don't stay with me and the funds stay within the site.

My eternal thanks if you CAN help out - but another important point to note. I will NEVER make Got A Ukulele a two tier site (where people who pay get extra content). Not everyone has spare funds and I want the content to be readable by ALL. So if you can't help - not a problem at all - hope the website helps you out all the same.




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