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The Newest Goal

The Newest Goal

Oct 05, 2021

It's always good to be working toward something. Ideally, of course, I'd like to retire to someplace that snows in the winter but still has a decent Chinese restaurant nearby, but that's one of those long-term things. Right now, I'm more concerned with doing a sample print run of my book. I want to test the process and see how well it works.

The first project will, hopefully, be my own commentary on Sun Tzu's "Art Of War". Once that's ready, I have a new translation of Vegetius all set to be formatted, and after that... well, I guess it would be fun to release my "Fear And Loathing 2020" project before the 2024 primary season gets underway. If any of that stuff sells, maybe it will fund my goal of attending the next New Hampshire primary season for longer than a week.

I know. This probably sounds to you like working to make it possible to work more. It's not; it's more like a way to actually get paid to do what I do without asking for donations. Not that I mind the asking; it's more that people aren't in the habit of dropping large sums of money for something they get for free anyway, and I can't blame them. Donations just about cover costs, not counting ramen, haircuts, and the odd cup of coffee.

All of which means that I'm immensely grateful to the people who do donate. Your generosity permits me to do what I enjoy, rather than something I need to.

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