Futariuum's Gate v0.10 - Public Release

Futariuum's Gate v0.10 - Public Release

Aug 01, 2023

Hi there everyone!

The first build of Futariuum's Gate is out NOW for free! See the links below to download it for either PC or Android.


Maya is a loner and shut-in futanari who discovers her destiny is to fight demons in hell! The first build features;

- 8 hand-drawn lewd CG scenes by Nethuum.

- 3 of the first characters in Maya's journey - herself, Laura and Nicole, who all get their own scenes.

- The first 30 minutes of the game's story, in which Maya discovers her destiny and gains her powers to fight demons.

- Maya's house has an explorable location, including its own exclusive CG events.

This first release is free to all players. From the next version, subscribers to our funding platforms will receive builds 30 days in advance. This means the next public build will be available when the third build is released for subscribers.

If you liked the first build, please consider supporting the game's development! Subscribing to any tier allows you to gain access to the game's most recent builds from the next version onwards. Additionally, the game's first CG sex scene vote will take place before the second build's release. You, the community, will have a hand in deciding part of the content of the game going forward!

The Gloomy Washer team will be working on this project long-term - your support is critical for us to be able to continue this project into the future.

We thank you so much for trying out our game! See the links below to download:


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