A journaling lesson

A journaling lesson

Nov 05, 2022

Shyra, a 12-year-old little girl, always wondered why her new neighbour writes in a notebook every morning.

It was Monday, another day for school. Shyra went outside and saw her neighbor alone in the garden, writing. Just as she expected.

Shyra curiously stared at her. In her head she's asking, "Why is she writing? Does she still go to school?"

Her neighbor saw Shyra and gestured her to come. Shyra walked towards her.
"Shyra, what a beautiful name." The neighbor said as she glanced at her name tag.
"I know you've been staring at me everyday. Do you have something to ask?"

The girl knew it's the perfect moment to ask her neighbor about it. "Why do you always write? Does your teacher give you assignment everyday?"
Her neighbor chuckled.
"No, Shyra. I graduated from school a long time ago."
Shyra became confused. "Then why are you writing?"

Her neighbor answered, "This is my journal. Well, it was my assignment to write here what I feel and experience everyday. But that was before, when I was told by a psychiatrist."

She then smiled, "Now, I do journaling everyday because it helped me a lot when I was suffering from something." Shyra remained silent.

"Shyra, as we get older, life gets more complicated. Your thoughts and emotions can possibly be a mess. But I want to tell you, writing down your feelings, thoughts and experiences will help you manage them and become aware of yourself."

“You can write about why you feel not motivated, why you feel sad or bored. And help you admit to yourself what's been very challenging to deal with"

"Today, when you go home from school, write down what you did with your friends and how you felt this day. That's a good start and I know your future self will thank you someday."

Shyra didn't understand what exactly her neighbor was telling. But all she knew was that a journal helped her neighbor feel a lot better from her past.

How about you? What's your journal story?

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