Read Play Game, available on

Read Play Game, available on

Nov 25, 2020

Hello hello!

I'm super excited that my first solo-project (created entirely during a global pandemic) is available on!

If viewing from a PC Browser you'll be able to try out a demo, giving a fairly significant taste of what I've made. If any of that taste appeals, I've made a larger meal available as a Windows Stand-alone client that I have up there for a small amount. This game was the start of my solo development journey, I don't expect it to pay the bills but I also knew I had a lot to learn.

Big wins I can bring forward from this project:

  • Create something I enjoyed making

  • Ensure I had everything in my own very home to take a game from idea to published

  • Build up knowledge in areas that normally would be handled by other developers on a team

    • I've lead a vary... varied existence in the professional development world (I've loved jumping on experimental projects, like Dawn of War 2: The Last Stand where I built my first behavioral AI in Lua), and yet there are tasks I've never had to take on myself

    • This is ongoing and forever, but that doesn't mean it ain't worth celebrating!

  • Build up tools and tech for use in future projects

    • Cool things like:

      • Whole lot of specialized dynamic text display support (I can't imagine making a game without any text)

      • Cloud data inventory storage for players, keep all items and progress on any platform or between installs!

      • Quests! Any genre could benefit from quests!

      • Bugs automatically logged to a channel in my Discord, with critical information and in some cases repro steps!

      • A lot of things that are less exciting to highlight but will help me make future games

  • Proving out a pipeline of being able to easily support multiple projects solo (Demo + Full Version while also making small steps towards Game #2)

I plan on continuing to support Read Play Game, from a Steam Release (with Steam Achievements!) to any potential bug fixes and new content - in fact, as it's my first game I wanted to ensure it was as modularly structured as possible allowing me to update it with minimal knock-off effects. As an example, I went in for a bug fix and just went and added two new perks and two new quests, with a little bit of new playable content as well! (that was my version 1.0.3 update)

So while I did not have monetary expectations for Read Play Game, I feel it really helped me prove out a lot of my own ideas and concepts for solo game development and helped me set up a lot of foundation for future games. I would absolutely love it if the rad human reading this supported me on (here) or by purchasing the full version, but either way, I want to show that by supporting me I'm always multi-tasking my efforts in my future endeavors, allowing each step I take to being even more productive in the future.

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