How to "Switch Off" After Work

How to "Switch Off" After Work

Jun 01, 2022

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance? Working from home (WFH) poses many benefits such as saving money and time commuting, flexible working arrangements, and customising your workspace.

However, nothing is without challenges. As we live this "new normal" of remote and hybrid working via online communication tools, longer working hours, as well as employee burnout, have become a common experience.

This guide aims to share helpful tips to "switch off" after work and reclaim your evenings and weekends.

3 Tips on How to "Switch Off" After Work

In order to set better boundaries and "switch off" after work, it is essential to change your emotional state. So, try to add any of the following self-care ideas to your nighttime routine:

1. Focus on a hobby

Leave the work stress behind as soon as you shut down your desktop and distract your mind by starting or continuing a hobby. Alternatively, you can learn a new skill. Writing, exercising, painting, knitting, etc., are great activities for enjoying your downtime. Hobbies allow you to let your imagination and passion roam wild (which improves your overall productivity) and create some much-deserved leisure time.

2. Move your body

Working out at the end of the day is a healthy method for releasing your frustrations and taking your focus off of work. If you prefer a less strenuous exercise regime, then instead you can go for a mindful walk or practice gentle yoga to unwind. Take the initiative by preparing any necessary equipment (and clothing) beforehand, so you can immediately dive in once 5 o'clock hits. Also, make sure that your set-up is out of sight from your working environment to avoid your attention waning.

3. Talk to someone

Loneliness is one of the main drawbacks of working from home as social interactions like taking a coffee or cigarette break with coworkers are non-existent. It is imperative to schedule some quality time with your friends and family to combat this mood. Conversing regularly with others helps maintain your stress levels and supports your emotional and mental well-being. Having upcoming plans gives you something to look forward to and enables you to disconnect from your work even easier.

Thank you for reading this post! ๐Ÿ’— I hope you find these tips useful for unplugging and "switching off" when working remotely. How do you relax in the evening? Please feel free to share your recommendations and opinions on this article in the comment section below! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™

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