How to Save Money on Holiday

How to Save Money on Holiday

Aug 01, 2022

Raise your hand if you love the summer holidays!  It is the most popular but priciest time of year to travel and escape your daily responsibilities. This guide reveals some tricks on how to save money on holiday and control your spending. 

Travel Hacks: How to Save Money on Holiday

If you want to be more thrifty and learn how to save money on holiday, try to implement these travel hacks.

Pack Snacks for the Journey

Before you leave your home, pack a selection of delicious food and drink items like tea bags, coffee sachets, pastries, crisps, sliced fruits etc. This enables you to not get sucked into expensive cafés whenever you start to feel a little peckish. Furthermore, you can avoid steep room service costs if you crave the midnight munchies.

Don’t Buy Travel Accessories at the Airport

Travel accessories like adaptors, travel pillows, and mini toiletries available at the airport pose the risk of inflated prices. Last-minute shoppers fall prey to this convenience trap. Alternatively, there are cost-effective versions at supermarkets, or obtain empty travel bottles and fill them with products from home, such as shampoo and sunscreen.

Set a Daily Budget

Before you leave for your travels, determine a limit on how much you allow yourself to spend per day on meals, gifts/souvenirs, activities, etc. Carefully track your expenses and if you have any remaining funds, roll them over to the next day. Or put it towards your next holiday.

In my opinion, it is easier to monitor your spending via cash payments as opposed to using credit or debit cards. You will feel inclined to stick to the budget and prevent any impulse purchases by having a physical depiction of your outflow.

Talk to the Locals

Another tip on how to save money on holiday is by talking to the locals on your visit. You can find out which places (i.e. shops and restaurants) provide the best value and deals for money. In addition, they may be knowledgeable of hidden gems away from tourist hot spots. People love to share their culture which you can use as an opportunity to try new things for cheaper prices.

Download the Free Citymapper App

Navigating on public transport in an unfamiliar city can be intimidating. Instead of using an overpriced cab service, Citymapper presents different routes and estimated travel times to get to your destination on public transport or by foot. Available in 100+ cities worldwide, the travel app is compatible with Android and iOS devices (or can be accessed on a web browser).

I would recommend using Wi-Fi to plan your route to steer clear of data charges and save your journey offline so it is still handy when there is no signal.

Thank you for reading this post on how to save money on holiday! ♥ May you have a wonderful and blessed summer vacation. What are your tips for staying frugal when travelling? Please feel free to leave a comment below

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