10 Daily Habits For Staying Organised

10 Daily Habits For Staying Organised

May 01, 2022

Forming (and sticking to) good habits over a long period of time can make a strong difference in your life. While you may not be 100% in-control every minute of the day, you will definitely feel more put-together and gratified most of the time 💕 Today, I would like to share 10 organisational habits that will help improve your productivity.

1. Make your bed

Many people believe that making your bed in the morning puts you in a positive headspace and sets you for success for the rest of the day. Conventionally, the bed takes up the majority of space in the room, so its surroundings will look tidier if the bed is nicely presented, and more inviting to crawl into in the evening. Others also find that completing this minor task can be therapeutic and stress-reducing.

2. Create a to-do list

Even if you are not a huge list enthusiast, creating a new to-do list every day will help clear your mind as well as stay on top of jobs to complete. Having a daily checklist in writing will hold you accountable and motivate you to be productive and reduce your agenda. Furthermore, it is easier to examine, prioritise and plan the order in which you fulfill your tasks when it is laid out in front of you.

3. Do the dishes

It is not the most fun of chores to do, but letting unclean dishes pile up can be an unpleasant sight and lead to further procrastination. Remember: keeping up is better than catching up. Aim to do the dishes after you eat or every night before you go to bed, so when you next use the kitchen, you will not look at the sink with a heavy heart.

A study by the University of California found that doing mindless tasks such as cleaning dishes allows the brain to wander and engage in creative problem-solving and boost inspiration.

4. Deal with paperwork and emails immediately

Just one tall stack of paperwork can make an area look messier and off-putting. Do your best to take care of any paperwork the minute it enters the house. Separate your bills, recycle junk mail, and shred personal information and statements that you no longer need.

5. Pack your bag and choose your clothes the night before

Preparing everything that you need (i.e. bags, food, and clothing) beforehand requires more effort, but once you get into this habit, you will feel more orderly and efficient. You save time in the morning no longer staring into your closet wondering what to wear or rushing and forgetting anything important. Instead of chaotically rushing out of the front door, you can remain calm and confident.

6. "One in, One out" Rule

Make a conscious effort to throw away or donate something that you haven't used in a while (or even years) when you buy something new. It is a nice method to stay aware of what you are accumulating to avoid cluttering your home. While this rule may be a little hard to follow at first, I find that the results are worth it!

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7. Check your bank balance online

Keep a close eye on your financial accounts i.e. current, savings, crypto, etc. by doing a quick scan of your balance every day. This allows you to stay on track of your spending and notice fraudulent charges as soon as they happen. It also puts you in the right frame of mind to continue building your savings/emergency funds.

8. Use your wait time

“Wait time” can be the most frustrating and unproductive time – if you let it. This term refers to when you're waiting to be called at the doctor's, for your kid's football or piano lesson to finish, etc. With enough planning, you can make this brief period worthwhile for de-stressing and staying coordinated. Reply to messages, listen to a podcast, review your agenda, meditate, and so on. Remember time is precious, so use it wisely!

9. Give everything a home

Keep your life organised and prevent yourself from losing things by allocating your belongings to a "certain" place. Choose areas where it would make sense to find them. For example, your keys should ideally be kept near your front door and easily accessible for when you leave for work or to run errands. It would be less efficient to leave them in your coat pocket as you may change coats or forget where they've been stored as they are not in plain sight.

10. Practice self care

Last but definitely not least, make sure to practice self-care which relaxes and refreshes your mind, body, and spirit. Rewarding yourself occasionally with a reward for completing chores also helps sustain your enthusiasm for staying organised.

Thank you for reading this post! Follow these tips to improve your daily routine and stay organised all year long 😊 If any has piqued your interest or you would like to share further productivity habits, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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