2/12/22-Tomorrow In Brooklyn, NY 1-7pm

2/12/22-Tomorrow In Brooklyn, NY 1-7pm

Feb 11, 2022

Happy Friday Soul Tribe!

If you haven't guessed my I am a product of Cuban parents and first generation here in the United States. With a whole lot of Spanish speaking Melanin Poppin, here to share these gifts. Join us for free and scan the event, meet new people and have fun. There will be all sorts of vendors, I will be conducting Aura Cleansing and Tarot 15 minute Tarot Reading

I am going to be participating in a lot of community workshops and events in 2022. Providing most if not all of the healing modalities I serve. Most services are discounted dramatically for the community, which gives everyone the ability to explore their holistic side and obtain clarity.

New Women Space

188 Woodpoint Road
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

We are open for New virtual clients use discount code "FLOW10"

With Love & Cuban Spice-

Miledys Pons

Intuitive Spirit Shifter

Galactic Hoodbuddha LLC.

[email protected]



Office Hours:

T, Thu, Fri 9am-12pm and 6pm-9pm

Sat 11am-4pm

"Jump-start your journey towards self-awareness"-G. HoodBuddha

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