12/29 - 9pm~ Aura Workshop and Guided Me ...

12/29 - 9pm~ Aura Workshop and Guided Meditation

Dec 28, 2021

As we wrap 2021 I could not help but realize the amount of herbs, oils and other PROTECTION modality I used for myself and clients this year. It was a lot might I say the amount of candles I burned, boy we might as well connect to a whole sells company.

I have learned majority of my protection skills since the age of 7, from herbal baths, oils, visualization and prayers. After the age of 27 (sshhh...I was parting from age 17 to 27) I picked my skills back up and have been able to create immediate, passive and long term skills to protect my energy. I have taken my own life experiences to test these modalities. It was not pretty and still aint every time I catch a hole in my auric field. Nonetheless here I am sharing it with you .

How did 2021 treat you? Comment Below

I created a 1.5 hour Workshop discussing energy , our auric field and how we can protect ourselves and others when your in the process of healing.

This workshop includes:

  • Live Workshop with Miledys (me).

  • Breakdown on energy how to : detect, cleanse, protect, visualize and recharge

  • End of the year Reiki Aura Cleansing

  • Guided meditation (visualization)

  • Replay of Video for life. You can always go back and take notes


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