Learning Tarot -"learning a new language ...

Learning Tarot -"learning a new language"

Mar 04, 2023

I've had a tarot deck for years, its been stored away looking pretty and collecting dust.

One day, a friend and I were talking about esoteric stuff, she expressed her interest in the tarot but she said she was afraid of "messing with the devil" I mean, coming from a Mexican background I understand. There is a lot of religious guilt about liking this things. That day I gave her my deck. To be honest, I felt a little unsure about giving away my tarot but it felt right too.

Some months after, I had a dream:

" I am reading the tarot cards to someone, there is an air of mysticism, the table cloth is purple and the table is round. The deck is by an artist that I follow on insta. I know this drawings! I feel joyful, playful and happy. "

After waking up, I bought the deck.

It was like the tarot was calling me back and that I haven't given up on the idea of learning the tarot. Well, that moment is still now. I am in a continuous journey of learning it. I read somewhere that learning tarot is like learning a language. It's lengthy, you must study and it takes practice to speak it and read it.

But honestly it gets to a point where the cards just seem to talk to you. It's very fun and exciting!

Learning the tarot is learning about symbology, psychology and philosophy. It's very deep and mighty as it also comes with responsibility. The goal that with every reading the client leaves feeling the sense of purpose, lucidity or hope.

I am a very impatient taurus, I want to know it all, NOW! But learning tarot has taught me that I have to be patient and that I must enjoy the process. I must be present and understand it not only mentally but internally. I have to embody the tarot, embody the archetypes to understand them from their perspective, understand their story and advice, understand the story and then interpret it.

Trust the process, as corny as it sounds!

Thanks for reading :)

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