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Future Youtube posting schedule

Future Youtube posting schedule

Jul 22, 2021

Hey, I have a (hopefully) good announcement!

So last week I was getting pretty down on how far behind I was on the shows I'm watching for this channel, especially since I wanted to watch Loki as it was airing. But Loki came and went and I had only barely watched episode 4 of WandaVision. And THEN the internet kind of went crazy with Loki spoilers. I couldn't go anywhere on youtube without a potential spoiler being pushed in my face.

So I binged, and recorded all my reactions.

Monday, I binged WandaVision, and 2 episodes of The Witcher. Tuesday I binged the rest of Season 1 of The Witcher. And today I binged Loki. I also have all of the Bad Batch Episodes I've recorded. I'm going to edit them all as fast as I can , and I will post single episode reactions of the shows in this order:

The Witcher S01-E03

WandaVision E05

The Bad Batch S01-E06

Loki S01-E01

The Witcher S01-E04

WandaVision E06

The Bad Batch S01-E07

Loki S01-E02

The Witcher S01-E05

WandaVision E07

The Bad Batch S01-E08

Loki S01-E03


For those of you who are members at , next week I will be binging the rest of The Boys Season 1 and The Expanse Season 1, and posting them asap amongst the youtube posting schedule. So I hope this gives you an idea of what is in store in the next days/weeks. :)

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