Just be STILL...Meditate, Cultivate, & B ...

Just be STILL...Meditate, Cultivate, & Be One with YOU

Jul 08, 2021

Wait, Hold On, Be Still...Don't be too quick to jump up and jump start. Be at one with yourself by being still, meditating, cultivating your thoughts, and spending that quiet time distraction-free to get your day started on a positive and high note. Sometimes we just jump up and we forget to say a prayer, recite some thankfulness or gratitude for a new day, declare how we want our day to go. Instead, we are in a rush to check our social media feeds and feed into other people and things that don't really bring true fulfillment because afterward, we are still vying for love, appreciation, validation, and whatever else we want but realize it's not really what you need. Have you encounter this and if so how did it make you feel?

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