Behind the Scenes w/ Gregory Proctor Fou ...

Behind the Scenes w/ Gregory Proctor Founder of Kut2ThaChase

Jul 08, 2021

In this segment you will hear from Gregory Proctor, the Founder of Kut2ThaChase Podcast. He also shares insight about his other two business ventures.

Sometimes you got to cut through the BS, peel the red tape off, and face your FEARS and tackle your obstacles and failures to get to where you want to be.

He's a prior veteran. Currently entrepreneur, innovator, and podcaster with a passion for helping others overcome challenges by creating opportunities that add value.

A seasoned 25+ year dynamic leader who understands business and the humans who power it, he has an uncanny ability to anticipate trends and see things others cannot.

As founder and Managing Director of SchXer, he uses his unique talents as an organizational resiliency advisor, helping companies mitigate risk so they can survive and prosper long-term. It’s hard to leverage change when you’re unprepared to handle disruptions to your supply chain, human capital, and day-to-day business operations. A sudden crisis can be all it takes to catch a company off guard and send it into a tailspin. That’s where I come in.

Also, Cofounder of Tru-Spot Technologies, he and his business partner have revolutionized augmented reality for online virtual seat purchasing, immersive fan viewing (without the Oculus headgear, as we like to say) all from the comfort of home.

And lastly, as the founder of Kut2ThaChase Podcast, he has disrupted the podcasting ecosystem by bringing forth a social & culture platform for everyone to sharing stories that nourish our souls through an unscripted dialogue.

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