#STEMStories: Chanel, Program Specialist ...

#STEMStories: Chanel, Program Specialist, USA

Dec 30, 2021

#STEMStories: Chanel, Program Specialist, USATwo years ago, we spoke to Chanel, a Program Specialist from the USA.

1. Introduce yourself, who are you, and what do you do?

Chanel Johnson, Program Specialist. I support K-12 Math , Science, Instructional tech and coaching, by writing lessons for our district, working directly with different stakeholders in the schools for personalized support and district initiatives

2. How did you arrive at this career (or point in your life/work)? Was it always something you knew you wanted to do?

I will always be a teacher at heart! focusing on content, instructional implications and resources in the area of STEM can empower our students to pursue STEM careers, we want to catch them early

3. What about your job makes you jump out of bed in the morning, especially on those cold, dark mornings?

I support at least 18 schools! Being a leader of learn the teachers and students in these schools get me up! Knowing that I play a part in providing the best standards aligned resources for them gets me up.

4. What is your personal cure for stress or how do you raise your spirits in times of doubt? Can you share a story?

My cure for stress is: Journal, Listen to Music and Disconnect from my computer! Sometimes the work can be overloading and the work is never done, realizing I am only one person, the work will be there. When times of stress rises, I select random on my playlist and write my feelings down in my journal. A stressful time for me happened when my dad passed away unexpectedly while I was pregnant with my twins. I felt so low to the ground that they only place I could look was “up”. from there I began to listen to music and journal. this has been a part of my practices and routines for 6 years.

5. Who is your role model? If no one, any thoughts on this?

My role Model is Patricia Brown “Msedtechie” she is a mom of twins, an advocate for equity in STEM and an educator all in one. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met while making amazing change in the education area of STEM. She is always trying and learning new things.

6. What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time?

Imposter Syndrome is Real, You deserve to be where you are!

7. Top 3 tips for girls starting out in STEM?

  1. You belong in STEM, don’t let them tell you otherwise

  2. Your voice matters, don’t let them shut you down

  3. STEM is within you, Bring it out!

8. How do you measure your success?

I measure my success by my growth. While I am not the STEM career you may be thinking of, I am in the field that opens the door for our girls. I feel successful when I am seeing more Girls and minorities that I have interacted with in our district or just in life pursuing STEM

9. Where can we find out more about your work?

Follow me on twitter DC_STEMtastic my journey and work can be found there. Conferences and Keynotes I have done can be found there.

10. Are you social? Will you share your Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile, or Facebook so that young women can connect with you?

Twitter: Dc_stemtastic
Instagram: Dc_stemtastic

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