Samsung A52 5G - What the heck

Samsung A52 5G - What the heck

May 26, 2021

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Okay let's just say the lack of wireless charging on this phone is BULLSHIT, I don't know what samsung was thinking or what they were drinking when they created the phone but wireless charging is pretty common amongst phones these days and considered by many an essential feature, look I have some wireless charging pads and wireless power banks I don't overalls use wireless charging I am often finding the Algoic charging pad that sits on my desk is generally just used for Bose QuietComfort Buds (Got to find them again) or used to charge the Apple AirPod Pro as surprisingly it's one of those things that I always forget to charge.

I honestly think that there's been a lot of confusion with these guys - from JB HI FI to Samsung stores to Vodafone - I have been told so much wrong information about this phone and I don't like where that sits with myself as a tech head and someone who has been using the Samsung A52 5G I have to say this is an amazing phone with excellent battery life, my handset is powered by Optus though and protected by a lovely Ringke Case.

So I am going to bust out five myths right now for you.

1) No Micro SD support on the 5G version.

  • I don't know what these guys were drinking down at the Samsung product information session but this 5G version that I have which is 128GB onboard storage definitely supports a Micro SD so that's definitely a plus. For me who often uses a Micro SD in my camera, with a adaptor this means if I have a eject tool I can just put the Micro SD in the phone and dump footage that way!

2) No NFC.

  • For me it's got NFC, it's region depending though but in Australia it's definitely got NFC as after multiple Bluetooth issues with my WF-1000XM3 by Sony I had to pair them over NFC, but still experienced issues with the WF-1000XM3 on this phone than I did on the iPhone 12 but I am putting that down to the buds not to the phone.

3) Battery Life around 3 hours under demanding CONDITIONS.

  • I don't know what you call demanding conditions but I stay hot spotting to Xbox Series S and iPhone, Switch and a switch lite is demanding and we pushed 6 hours before it hit 20% and we opted to put it on a power bank.

4) This one was told to me by a JB staff member " Samsung has never been good for calls it's hype if you use the handset your never going to be heard. "

  • As I primarily don't have buds connected to this phone, I am generally always on the handset and I haven't had any complaints hearing people or people hearing me and that's just been a fact of life to be perfectly honest. I think it sounds pretty good for a phone of this price bracket bear in mind I come from the iPhone background, the last Samsungs I had to test was the A21s, and the A51 and this is definitely a massive step up from the A51 on all fronts.

5) Camera's are not GREAT.

  • I think the camera is okay for what you are getting to be honest I actually like some of the shots on the A52 better than the ones I take on my iPhone, the A52 has become my main Instagram phone if I am posting on Instagram there's a pretty good chance that image was captured on the A52 and that's just the way it is so this phone is generally ready to rock when I need a photo on the go.

Conclusion: I have busted a few myths that I have heard around the traps and busted my complaint about the wireless charging not being on deck with the A52 5G but that's just the facts of life with this phone and I realise that many people won't miss it actually some one should check out the reviews on JB and Harvey's complaining about the lack of wireless charging. This isn't a full review but I will be reviewing this phone in parts over the next few weeks but I wanted to myth bust some things that people may have heard.

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