Fountain Pens - Why I think there more s ...

Fountain Pens - Why I think there more sustainable.

May 23, 2021

There's nothing more stratifying than writing with a fountain pen, the nib tip and the smoothness of the writing and the flow of the ink there's just something amazing about it, for someone who raised up in a digital era to be talking to you about pens definitely seems a little weird but wonderful at the same time, I think for a lot of us a pen is a EDC weather you realise it or not.

I personally write with a Lamy Fountain Safari or Al-Star and I write in a EF - which is a extra fine nib and I just find that is the smoothest for me personally look some might disagree with me but that okay we're all entitled to our own opinions. I love LAMY as they make bold statements and that's definitely what you want in pens well that's what I want any way.

I was once told by a young American man I won't drop the names here cause that's not how I roll or how I flow if I am ink lol. "The pen you write with is how you are judged, the watch is how you make your statement and the handshake of a man is firm." - I think now you make more of a statement if your not using a Apple Watch or a smart watch but I have folded and I rock a Apple Watch Series 6, for so long I rocked a Garmin Instinct basic smartwatch, but then before then I rocked G-Shocks.

I think Lamy is really a decent pen and they are made in germany and that's great they have a great selection of pens colours and a great selection of ink selections and nib selections in the lamy range there's definitely something for everyone and that's a fact of life.

I think Fountain Pens or even just Lamy pens in general are more sustainable - I think if your even entering the eco system of the Lamy pens with a Tipo which retails for $22.99 in Australia your more like to buy the refills than go out and buy another BIC 4 colour pen, look I know the bics are cheap and found in the EDC of uni kids all over Australia and I don't think we will ever break that mould and that's just a factor of life sadly.

I think for a cart or a refill I actually write more with them than with a cheap pen as it doesn't run out as quick as it holds more ink therefore more sustainable in my mind, but not just that it's also the factor of I try to were possible, refill my pens from Ink Bottles, I have a selection of Ink here that easily gets the job done for me, I try to use the Lamy ink in most of my pens as it's a smooth flowing and clear ink, and I just love the Lamy products. Yes I admit I am a fan boy, I am addicted to Lamy and I don't think that is a problem.

I think these are more sustainable for most of us and I think it's really good to have a more sustainable pen, I will be honest ever since I switched to Lamy over 3 years ago I have written more notes and used more paper and just done more in general to be honest and I think that's because the Lamy is more comfortable for me and I actually now enjoy writing without the pain of writing, traditional pens like the 4 colour and stuff gave me really bad hand fatigue so I think once you go fountain or rollerball you don't go, or even once you go Lamy you don't go back.

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