Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry

Jun 16, 2021

So we are going to talk a lot about EDC on this blog and the podcast and in general and I think EDC means different things for different people and I think that is just the fact of life and the world we live in to be honest and to be perfectly frank with you guys - I might excel or suck at EDC.

I will say when I go to Melbourne my EDC isn't exactly minimalist or even attempts to be, if you saw a photo of my TECH pouch which is Peak Design Tech Pouch is packed to the brim with more cables than you can poke a eye at and that's just how I roll but I am trying to slowly adapt a minimalist look for so long my tech pouch was something random that was kinda one off from iconic aussie brand Crumpler and then it was the Thule Subterra PowerShuttle I found the pockets not as usable as I would like and bit bulky when packed out and not really storable and tuckable in some bags, the added hand meant if you had straps across the side of the bag swing it in the wind but I found my self quickly heading back to the Crumpler One Off.

I think for many years Tech pouches was only something a content creator or a photographer carried now if your a business man or business woman or a reguarly long distance commuter I think you're more likely to have a tech pouch in your bag or some type of pouch like Bellroy make a ton of pouches that aren't tech specific that can still be used for that favourite tech.

Like I am currently in the process of building what I am going to pen as a minimalist tech bag, and I think this might surprise you to what we class as Minimalist but on the same note of that, I am going to build the cheapest tech bag using products only off of Amazon Australia.

I think we've all got different EDC needs and I think people often over look what they consider EDC.

For me personally I think I have multiple sections of what I class as EDC.

1) Echuca - Phone, Earbuds, Wallet

2) Bendigo (Day Trip) - Phone, Earbuds, Power Bank, Headphones, Cables, Pen, Notebook Mini Bellroy, Wallet

3) Bendigo (Extended Stay) - As above, but we add the tech pouch and a few other things.

4) Melbourne ( Day Trip - Long Haul ) - I consider this a long distance trip for me on public transport and as a commuter its definitely a long haul it seems like forever to be honest but it's really not. This will include a tech pouch of my choice and it will be decked out with all the basic stuff I need I do have the habit of over packing but I am trying to carry a small tech kit and that will minimise what I can actually carry comfortably.

So that's a understanding of EDC for me, so I will go a lot more in depth for this over the next few months and you will see how my set up evolves and how the EDC evolves with me as my needs adapt.

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