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How Soviet Propaganda Used Racism agains ...

How Soviet Propaganda Used Racism against the United States.

Nov 15, 2022

Without the help of the United Stated, the Soviet Union would have not survived the WW2. In 1941 the United States Congress passed the Lend Lease Act, which effectively supplied the Soviet Union with all its military material and covered its needs in intelligence and training. 

Yet, after the Allied victory, the Soviet Union emerged as the main enemy to the United States, and continued its covert war against the rest of the world.

Throughout the Cold War, the Soviet Union financed and organized numerous covert actions against its former ally, ranging from drug trafficking and terrorism, to attempting to ignite a racial war.  

In this short presentation we take a look at this specific effort, and at the methods used to inflame racial tensions in the US.

How Soviet Propaganda Used Racism against the United States

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