What is Your Story?

What is Your Story?

Jul 21, 2021

What story are you telling yourself? It IS a story, you know? You can change it up anytime you'd like. I used to tell myself that I had social anxiety, issues with personal space, issues with talking on the phone, and a slew of other problems. The running joke with my family and friends was that I had more issues than a magazine rack. Although we made light of it, Sometimes I felt like I was in prison! However, when I started to tell myself a different story... A story where I enjoyed being at social events, where I longed for a hug from friends and talking on the phone was no big deal, I began LIVING that story those anxiety issues left. I found peace!

What is it about yourself that is keeping you in bondage? You CAN loosen the shackles and be free, you just have to say the words.

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