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Updated: Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixe ...

Updated: Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes (19 July 2020)

Jul 19, 2020

I've added a few more fixes to my Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fixes mod, which was made to address some of the issues people have reported with the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

The changes added with the 19 July version include:

  • All the autonomy pushes from NAPs currently supported by the mod (except for Foodies Unite) will now be ignored if the sim enters an uncomfortable mood. Hopefully, this means that sims who become uncomfortable because of low needs will focus on taking care of those and not be distracted by having to perform NAP behaviour.

  • The practice programming action pushed by the Tech Support NAP has been tweaked to push a custom version that lasts for a short, fixed amount of time. In addition to this, sims will only be pushed to program if their social need is high, which means that as they become more lonely, they'll stop wanting to do it.

  • Added a fix for the NAP Inspector's "Invite In" interaction, which seemed to be bugged and did nothing. The inspector will now be invited to enter and inspect indoor items.

  • Added a fix for the inspection checks for the Eco-Friendly Appliances NAP. The default checks would make the inspector only give you a pass if the appliance had every possible eco-friendly upgrade in the checklist installed at the same time. The mod tweaks the check so that you will pass if you have any individual eco-friendly upgrade installed.

Thanks again to all the supporters who have recently bought me coffees! ☕👍

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