☕🌞Preview of Summertime Virtual Arcades

☕🌞Preview of Summertime Virtual Arcades

May 26, 2022

Now is a GREAT time to become a ☕Monthly Member! For just one ☕a month, you get ALL of the fun 'extras' - check them out here. The newest member extras are 3🌞🕹️ Summertime Virtual Arcades filled with 21 online games & fun animated gifs as well as a Virtual Fun Town. These are great for Fun Fridays, end of year/beginning of year fun, class rewards, center work, inside recess, and more! New ☕member 'extras' every month 😊

Thank you to my ☕Members! If you are not yet a member, I hope that you will join us.

PREVIEW of 🌞Summertime Virtual Arcades ☕Monthly Member 'extras' (included with membership):


PREVIEW of additional ☕Monthly Member 'extras' (included with membership):


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