☕Preview of New December 'Extra' 🎅🎄⭐ 8 ...

☕Preview of New December 'Extra' 🎅🎄⭐ 8 New Holiday Arcades!

Dec 04, 2022

Preview of New December 'Extra' 🎅🎄⭐ 8 New Holiday Arcades!

🎅🎄⭐Included in this new Member 'extra' are eight virtual seasonal arcades with links to 56 online games! I have also included the holiday choice board which is going to be shared on the blog later this week, for a total of over 60 game choices in this fun bundle!

Available here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gail.f/e/104742 or included for Free for ☕Monthly Members! When one becomes a ☕Member, they are able to make copies of all the other fun extras, including a Coding Classroom (perfect for Computer Science Education Week which is this week, Gingerbread Fun, and more!). Membership is a fun gift for yourself and students.

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