PREVIEW of ❄️Design a Gingerbread House ...

PREVIEW of ❄️Design a Gingerbread House Challenge WINTER BONUS ❄️

Dec 06, 2022

Here is a PREVIEW of a special ❄️Design a Gingerbread House Challenge WINTER BONUS ❄️ for everyone who buys a coffee or any of the 'extras' in December or January and for all ☕Monthly Members!

This special ❄️WINTER BONUS includes a fun challenge for students to build their own gingerbread houses from scratch! This student project includes instructions, helpful tips, fun backgrounds, extra embellishments, themed slides for writing a story, & animated gifs! This creative and engaging project is ready to share with students (13 Google Slides).

Are you interested in receiving this WINTER BONUS? 😊 If you purchase a coffee or an 'extra' in December or January, I will email this Special Winter Bonus to you. If you become a ☕Member (or already are a Member), you will receive this Winter Bonus as well as access to ALL of the other Member-only resources that I have created and shared.

I hope that you have a wonderful Winter!❄️ Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, I am glad that my resources are being enjoyed by others. Have a great week and wonderful school year! ~ Gail

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