It's here! The new pwdFarm 2021 to creat ...

It's here! The new pwdFarm 2021 to create cleaner and more secure passwords in Excel

Feb 21, 2021

A year ago I presented a complete workbook in Excel to help with password hygiene. Now this time I launch a new version, improved in several aspects, new functions and ready to export your passwords to more password managers.

The question is simple, you have passwords everywhere and you want to put them all together in a password manager. But before that, you also want to have them as ordered as possible according to your own criteria (sorting them by type, for example, why not?).

The most "natural" thing would be to view them in a "global" way (a list with all possible fields), without losing the smallest detail.

Starting from scratch can be traumatic at times (especially if you are new to meticulously tidying your passwords). A spreadsheet is not a bad idea (taking all the security measures, obviously). That is why I decided to make my own password book and share it with other people, to help them be a little more organized in these delicate matters, such as password management.

Without more, to the practical, with Excel formulas that can be handled by anyone who works with spreadsheets (because not all of us are programmers).

With pwdFarm you have at your fingertips:

  • Quick password patterns, 10-20 characters fully customizable.

  • Advanced password generator, up to 64 characters. It also features a totally random pronounceable password generator, numeric pin, WAP / WPE keys for WIFI, UUID / GUID and ULID keys (to uniquely identify anything), MAC address generator, and a TOTP secret key generator (to test your authentication apps).

  • Passphrase generator, with totally random words (and made up at random) without using predefined dictionaries.

  • If you use KeePass as your main password manager, you will surely like the keyfile generator (.keyx) version 2.0, ready for export in XML format (especially if you use it on your Android phone or iPhone and your manager does not have a keyfile generator, at least you can do it without complications with pwdFarm and Excel for mobile).

  • A simple but quite effective and intuitive password tester, indicating how secure your password is (and an estimate of how long it would take to be cracked, both using CPU and GPU).

  • The super-vault of pwdFarm, customizable and with many fields, compatible with the vast majority of password managers available today.

  • The mega-generator of password patterns. Yes, because now it is even bigger and more complex than before, with many more options to generate passwords, keys and more, all customizable.

  • The Random Answers Generator. Because not everything you say has to be true, just unique and secure against hackers.

  • The pwdFarm Dashboard, to globally view the status of your passwords, by categories, age, security level, those that are repeated the most or their level of complexity. Oh, and which ones are supported with two-factor authentication.

  • If you are one of those who are always offline, you also have the pwdCard, a password card generator. Generate one and you have endless ways to generate passwords at your own pace.

  • And last but not least, you have at your fingertips more than a dozen sheets ready to export your passwords to your favorite password manager (and if you don't have a password manager yet, at the end you will also find the links to the managers password set and supported by pwdFarm).

Without further ado, I invite you to download a COMPLETE copy of pwdFarm with the promotional code BMC-3980 in English and BMC-7256 in Spanish (only 10 copies available). And if you liked it, then I also invite you to a small contribution, a coffee.

And remember, keep your passwords always safe in a password manager.

*My actual favorite password managers are: Enpass (multi platform), KeePassXC (multi platform), KeePassDX (Android) and KeeWeb (multi platform, I really love how can save notes in Markdown). Also I tested Dashlane and LastPass some time ago.

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