help me fund a few things (both short te ...

help me fund a few things (both short term and long term)

Feb 27, 2024

So uh, yeah, my final semester is ending this may and I really need to save up for a lot of things. along with that, I will no longer be receiving allowance from the government by june since my school year officially ends by then.

I'm thinking of getting a job soon but so far I haven't heard anything yet from the companies that I've applied to. My only source of income is through art commissions, physical merch sales at events and online sales through my shop. I hate having to ask for this especially that right now I'm not sure if I can open commissions given that I'm busy with my final year project and also I haven't received any new clients since January.

Here are the things I need to save up for (prices are in BND):

  • Replacement parts for my laptop's GPU/CPU fan and internal battery. (budget: under BN$100 need this by May)

  • A roundtrip ticket to Indonesia for this August (budget: BN$400+ need this by May)

  • new PC (monitor plus tower), specs should be good enough to run heavy duty software and modern games (budget: BN$1600+)

My allowance is already tightened with having to pay for a few things to my sister and funding my final year project and I don't think I can save up enough to fulfill all the things above.

For commissions, I will only be open for chibi styles since I can finish those within a shorter timeframe (depending on my mood ofc). Slots will also be super limited due to my tight schedule in march (Ramadan+FYP hell). If you don't mind waiting I will be reopening these again in May during Emblemcon (a Fire Emblem fan online event).

Commission here | Tip me

Otherwise, if you cannot commission me, my merch stores are available 24/7! I will no longer be embarassed about promoting them everyday.

Prints @ Redbubble
Other merch @ Teepublic (I have FF16/FFXIV/Persona/FE/Fate merch)
Digital merch (zines/comics/digital freebies)

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