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Heavy Duty Overlay Concealed Hinges: Sug ...

Heavy Duty Overlay Concealed Hinges: Sugatsune J95

Jan 12, 2023

Dear members on both tiers,

This week I've prepared you an unlisted YouTube video link explaining how the heavy duty J95 Hinges from Sugatsune are fitted, with key dimensions and usage pros and cons to be aware of.

This first went out as a story on the @freebird_trade instagram account.

This hinge works like a Blum overlay hinge but is bigger and much more heavy duty (40mm diameter cup hole instead of 35mm).

See the specs for the 25mm overlay version here.

16mm overlay version here (this is the one you are most likely to use on a standard 18mm carcase construction with a large door to allow you to fit fewer hinges)

Inset version here.

If you are not familiar with interpreting the data on those catalogue pages, watch the video to get a head start on things.

To source Sugatsune products speak to my rep at Sugatsune Thomas Booth on 07702 882 670 / [email protected]


Pro Tier members - I have bought a fancy hands-free head mic and I will be experimenting with recording podcast style content for the pro membership in due course while driving to or from the workshop, as a way to continue sharing valuable information from inside the Freebird business, in a way that is more sustainable with my time commitments. Upcoming topics on my mind are 'bringing a product to market' (behind the scenes of the wins and losses with our games table and 3D assembly square products); growth strategy and product mix.

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