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TEAM Buy Me A Coffee!

TEAM Buy Me A Coffee!

Jun 12, 2023

Real talk! I've been really consistent with interviews and approaching EP 165 very, very soon and BUY ME A COFFEE has suffered! The goal is to get content here early and with the launch of the YouTube Channel in the last 6 months (this posting feed had lagged) and I'm here with a beautiful video interview with retired NAVY SEAl COMMANDER Chris Irwin.

I have to say the human experience and heart of these interviews are inspiring the HELL out of me as of late.

As a very famous Dr. once said to me: "Why bother if you are not going to write it down and tell others how you endured..."

With that, I give you the full video interview on Youtube with Chris Irwin.

However, if you prefer Apple or we go!

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